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Patient Reviews

“Effie is such an incredible lady. I am a mum to two young children and have a chilblain on my toe. It has caused me a lot of discomfort running around after little people. I have also had other non related foot pain issues and Effie has called me up in her own time over a weekend to see how I am. She really has gone above and beyond her job role. I would highly recommend her”


"Effie has been treating corns on my left foot for the past two years. Being a farmer, the best way I can describe the pain given by having a corn, is that is exactly how one would imagine. That is, having a kernel of corn stuck inside ones shoe! Effie skilfully removed the corns and I would wait until they grew back and became painful again in about 8 weeks before I had to revisit her. Then we agreed that we should try more regular 6 week visits to remove them before they became painful again. We have since been able to extend each visit interval, now to 12 weeks, without my having any pain whatsoever in between! I am so happy that Effie has performed miracles with my feet. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! Thank you so much Effie."


"I have been seeing Effie for a couple of years now for very hard skin on my soles and problems between my toes. These problems are now totally under control. I have to say that Effie has always been very efficient and professional as well as approachable and friendly. She obviously knows her subject inside out,. I would recommend her warmly to anybody with any podiatry problems. Do not hesitate, go and see her, you will not regret it!"


"I recommend Effie, she is a wonderful Podiatrist. I called on Effie when my feet were worrying me. Effie found I had ulcers and she saved my toes. She will fit in extra appointments if they are necessary. Effie has looked after my feet for several years. I rely on Effie absolutely and recommend her without reservation."

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